Capuchin Church - Brugse binnenstad

Artists, composers and a philosopher enter into a dialogue with each other against the beautiful and almost timeless backdrop of world heritage city Bruges. In the ACT2 universe – in which the paths of contemporary Wandelweiser composers Eva-Maria Houben and Antoine Beuger, American performance composer Robert Ashley, who died in 2014, and 17th-century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza cross – clock time is irrelevant. Musicians, such as Jan Van Outryve, Luciana Elizondo and Guy Vandromme, guide you through an exceptional world of slowly advancing musical changes. Get ready for an experience like Bruges itself: (seemingly) timeless.

Every hour from 7a.m., composer and central guest Eva-Maria Houben, Capuchin Church overtones, choreographer Isabella Soupart, and the silence-searching music of Wandelweiser pianist Guy Vandromme immerse us in a new performance.


Maja Jantar: sound design & image
Adriaan Severins: sound design
Luciana Elizondo: viola da gamba
Tom Hannes: voice
Isabella Soupart: choreography
Johanna Willig-Rosenstein & Fouad Nafili: dance
Ellie Bryce: technique
Guy Vandromme: keyboards

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